Dawn "The Lyte" Runyon - Leading YOUth to Excellence

and thanks for visting Dawn's Lyte. There is a light that guides us all and I believe my light has been given to lead both young and old to excellence!    My desire is to inspire women & youth to look beyond their circumstances, search within their hearts and minds, and seek out the infinite possibilities to discover and achieve their God given purpose and potential.  Through engaging, interactive, and inspiring speeches, workshops, presentations and one-on-one consults, I will  help guide YOU along your path so that you too can be a LYTE!  
 Be sure to visit my blog page at http://dawnslyte.wordpress.com/ for some inspiring devotionals and commentaries that are sure to help you uncover your inner light.
Please enjoy the music while you visit Dawn's Lyte, you may select the song you would like to hear on my homepage from the list below!
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